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 Computer Help  
If you're having issues with EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT, PUBLISHER or any other software package, don't struggle alone. If you need a spreadsheet fixed, document control devised or some software support call The C.I. Guy.
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High staff engagement is critical to the success of a business. Find out why engagement and morale is lower than it could be, and make a plan to raise staff engagement and improve your business culture with the help of
The C.I. Guy.
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Missing Piece
 Problem Solving 
You don't have to live with recurring problems! They are frustrating and can be expensive. Train your leaders and your staff in identifying the source of the problems and you can remove the problems permanently, with The C.I. Guy.
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Parked Limousine
 Visual Management 
Learn how create visual guides in your workplace so that your staff can work more efficiently and stay organised. Learn how to use 5S, demarcation and visual standards with The C.I. Guy.
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 Standard Work 
Without standardised processes, you will get variations in your results. It's human nature to do things in different ways, even with clear instructions! Get your staff and teams working in a predictable way with The C.I. Guy.
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Every process has room for some improvement, but many processes never get focused attention to simplify and improve them. Run an interactive workshop on a process and gauge the untapped potential, with The C.I. Guy.
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Physiotherapists Training
 Training Workshops 
The best way to learn something new and remember it, is by using a workshop. Our short courses train your leaders and staff in Continuous Improvement tools. A 5S workshop is an excellent place to begin. Run a practical and enjoyable course at your premises with The C.I. Guy.
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 Gap/Risk Assessment 
We will review your business processes and write a report detailing the areas where Continuous Improvement tools will be beneficial. We will also detail any risks that stand out during the audit. Take the recommendations and run with them yourself, or work together with
The C.I. Guy.
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Market Analysis
 Loss / Waste Analysis 
A business always has wastes and losses, however many of them are not well tracked or measured. It is important to design a way to collect the important data so you can know how large these losses are. Get the accurate data you can make decisions from, with The C.I. Guy.
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