Ritchie Morgan  


The C.I. Guy was set up by Ritchie Morgan to help small and medium sized businesses on their Continuous Improvement journey.

Ritchie has a nearly a decade of experience in Operational Excellence, first as a facilitator for Fonterra and most recently as a Process Lead for the Integrated Work System (IWS) used across Fonterra sites in New Zealand. He is a professionally trained Lean Six Sigma Practitioner.


"When I started The C.I. Guy I wanted to differentiate myself and avoid being seen as "The Consultant the boss has brought in". It's very important  to me that I am approachable because the "gold" is found on the "factory" floor, meaning the best ideas come from the staff doing the job day-in day-out. Those ideas can come from production workers, administration staff or nurses working in a medical practice".

"By talking through the process with the staff, and working with them on the job, I find out things the "boss" doesn't know. Once I can see what's really going on, I can offer practical, powerful solutions that will get results and build engagement. That's why I wear the hi-viz and the safety boots, I don't intend to stay in the office, I'm going to where the work takes place and find out what's really going on!" 

Ritchie lives in Paraparaumu, New Zealand with his wife Debbie, his son Blake, and their cat and dog, Angus and Brocky.